This is just the beginning of so much to come! But before we get started.. let me tell you a little about how this shoot went down..

It was extremely tough to get Hanna, Martin and I all on the same schedule. It honestly took months! We kept trying to meet up to get these tips out, but one of us was always unavailable.

Finally after months of anticipation we were able to make it happen and were all super excited to start shooting. The day started off INSANELY hot – we were dripping sweat when we were getting out makeup done! While we waited for the photographer to arrive (Martin Depict) we decided to try and cool down and have a little rosè and a much needed catch up.

What we didn’t realize was that Martin had scheduled another gig while he was there (he’s always trying to muli-task God bless his heart) so Hanna and I tried our best to keep ourselves occupied (AKA have more rosè and try and find outfits)

By the time Martin was ready to shoot we (accidently) went thru a bottle.. or two.. but were ready to go. We had no plan, we just hung out, listened to music, talked… a little too much, and came out with this set. We hope you enjoy! You can find the rest of this photo set and article by clicking HERE to be taken to Galore!