Like most people… December I took a break and let myself enjoy the holidays. I’ve spent the last 30 days kicking myself back into gear and into better shape than I currently was. I’ve been trying to find new challenges, new workouts, new regimens, new foods, and better supplements.

With the help of the 8 week fitness plan with Protein World I’ve been able to stay on track and remain focused on the days I am working myself out or traveling.

Last week PW sent me a new package for the 30 day challenge (which you can follow along when you sign up for for free) and it included their new porridge that is made with the slender blend protein. I was skeptical at first, but I gave it a try before my workout and afterward was pleasantly surprised! The consistency was very similar to oatmeal and had a sweet kick because of the Slender Blend. My energy was higher, and I was able to get through my routine without as many rests.

Now, as for the changes in my body…

Most of you would think because I am tiny and toned and have a flat stomach that I don’t struggle with problem areas. Well, it’s time you realize… no one is a unicorn. My struggle is with my legs and I do have a bit of cellulite on the sides of my thighs. Good news is.. despite the fact I am seriously fighting genetics, I am noticing positive changes because of my consistency and diet. I’m convinced that if I keep this up that I will be able to enjoy the results by spring… I’ll keep you posted.

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