February was off to a hectic start with a ton of traveling and relocating, but it came to a great finish.

One of my goals this year was to find more efficient ways to stay on track with my health and fitness while I’m traveling.

If I skip more than a day or two without my vitamins I start to lose energy and feel bogged down. Maybe it’s all mental and in my head? But I’d like to think that they really do their job in helping me feel my best!

When I was in the Bahamas last week I ate a ton of garlic (If you know me you know I found out that I’m allergic – ugh) and needless to say I broke out in a bit of hives. Thankfully, I made sure to pack my Luminous and Daily Multi Vitamins from Protein World. I’ve said this so many times before, but the reason I love the luminous vitamins so much is because they help keep my skin in check due to all of the Vitamin A (which help keep the breakouts at bay.) Unfortunately, my hives are still in the process of recovering, but they are much better then they were!

I definitely didn’t take enough pictures these past few trips, but I will next time. In all honesty, it was beyond refreshing to disconnect and just live in the moment.

Good news is, the hives didn’t effect my trip one bit! I was still able to do everything from jet skiing to swimming lapse in the ocean and able to enjoy some much needed R&R.