The Comfort Zone

The “comfort zone” is any thing or moment where you feel secure and relaxed…however you define that personally. It happens to be an idea that successful people try their best to stay away from. It is said that in order to achieve a level of success you’ve never had, you must do things you have never done. This requires us to leave the comfort zone. It’s a new year and most of us have laid out all of our expectations, but, are they set to challenge us – or to make us more complacent?

This not only applies to career goals but in all aspects of our lives. Including (but not limited to) fitness goals and our personal relationships. It’s the point when things begin to feel tough, extremely tough, but we find the determination and will power to push through them. This is also when (most) people feel the slightest bit of discomfort and don’t wish to continue with what prevents them from reaching their fullest potential.

When it comes to personal relationships – don’t we all seek a significant other or friend that makes us feel comfortable? Isn’t that the whole point… to feel content? But, there is a difference between feeling comfortable and being accepted for who you are. Yes, it’s important we surround ourselves with others who accept us for the good, bad, and not so pretty. But it’s so detrimental to our growth to surround ourselves with relationships that push us to be exceptional. To challenge us to be the best versions of ourselves and inspire and motivate us to grow. It’s important if a relationship no longer carries these qualities and liveliness that we reevaluate if there’s still room for it in our life, or if we’ve outgrown it. Bring out the best in someone and find the people that bring out the best in you. It’s critical not to settle out of fear of the unknown, change, or of being alone. Remember, you will find yourself again when you stop looking for someone else.

Now let’s talk about settling out of convenience. It’s easier to stay where you are today – isn’t it? But if you stay, then so will the circumstances you’re in or dealing with. Soon enough, time will pass and you will realize that you are still in the same situation and state (or lack) of happiness that you were in a year ago… or longer.

Time waits for no one. Life as we know it could end tomorrow – so fuck being comfortable – magic isn’t made there.

Photographer: @emilynnrose
MU: @francieluxemakeup
Stylist: @jinju_lee

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