“The soul usually knows what to do to heal itself the challenge is to silence the mind.”

-Caroline Myss

It’s okay to disagree

Sometimes our minds try to stop everything from happening when it thinks a situation no longer makes sense, but the truth is, sometimes incredible things don’t make sense. Sometimes great things feel awkward, and sometimes the inner conflict we’re having inside ourselves is what is going to help take us deeper into the next part of ourselves.

What happens when the inner conflict between what our heart needs and what the brain THINKS we need is too much to bear? We become stuck. It can feel vulnerable and overwhelming. The heart wants us to grow, explore and evolve. It’s fearless, it’s passion-seeking, fiery and at times… selfish. The heart craves those feel good moments, encourages us to chase our dreams – to fulfill the heart, it doesn’t matter if something is logical, only that it is desired enough. If the heart gets hurt, it will try and try again. As for the mind, it isn’t as forgiving. Monitoring our levels of fear, weighing out consequences, constantly reminding you of morals and always on the lookout to play it safe. Analyzing every outcome to see which is the most suitable and which makes the most sense. Well thought out and methodical, the mind calculates our experiences and previous outcomes to determine the next move. Never forgetting previous trauma.

How do we become unstuck? Are we supposed to decide which part of ourselves to listen to? My thoughts are that this is the perfect time to step outside of ourselves. It’s time to think more objectively and witness ones own self and actions. I feel like this could bring inner peace and resolution for the disagreement. What would you tell your best friend or a loved one in this situation? Write it out, give yourself the same advice. Now the question is… will you take your own advice?

Written by Michele Maturo

Photographer Martin Murillo